My Inspiration

My name is Ordavion McChristian, I was born in Winona, MS and raised in Abbeville, MS. My inspiration for this cultured brand was my deployment to Africa. While being deployed I was able to see the challenges of the natives there. Being in America, I wasn't aware of everything we took for granted for example, the water. I was able to assist in dispersing water to as many natives as I could find. To see their smiles made it all worth it! Love is my inspiration behind the brand, because everyone needs someone at some point. I was raised off the belief, "Love thy neighbor as thyself (Matthew 22:39)", which means do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It inspired me to believe and invest in myself. You can't expect someone to invest in you, if you're not willing to invest in yourself! Being a athletic built male it's a challenge to find perfect formal, casual,  and business casual wear that caters to my body with great quality. After doing research, I noticed I wasn't the only male that had this issue so I decided to make a difference. Our collections are tested to guarantee it's the perfect fit and high quality material. I chose to use the giraffe as a logo, because it represents the heart of Africa to me. I also left my signature within the logo, which represents me as a brand. I'm EXTREMELY grateful for God placing me in a position to bring a positive image to our black male community. I refuse to live up to the stereotypes that has been established for me! I strive to EXCEED ALL expectations, and help good men be GREAT! Life should be filled with love, as we're inspiring to become the World's Brand.